Seller Information...What you need to know

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1. Sellers must have a minimum of 75 items and a maximum of 200 items

2. We strongly recommend that sellers use the option to reduce some (or all) of their items to HALF off if they haven't sold by Saturday.

3. Items will be dropped off at the rear double doors of gym at Christ the King School (look for signage)

4. One seller number per household.

5. Furniture, large outdoor play structures, etc., are welcome.

6. Please be objective about your items ... would you buy it? Would you pay that? Don't price your items too high or you may be taking them home with you!

7. If you are donating your unsold items and would like your check mailed, please indicate when dropping items off.

8. Sellers are responsible for set up of all furniture, beds, toddler beds, etc.

9. See details below regarding accepted items:

Infant and Child Accessories Accepted

Nursery/ feeding supplies, diaper bags, blankets, crib sheets
Nursery needs: diaper pails, potty chairs, bath seats, guardrails, high chairs
Hats/gloves, hair bows, sleepers, socks, belts/ties, etc.

Toys, Books, Videos Accepted

Toys must be in working order with all pieces
Please work puzzles prior to check in to make sure all pieces are there
Please make sure all videos and DVD’s are appropriate for sale

Equipment & Furniture Accepted

Strollers, walkers, highchairs, exersaucers
Toddler beds, bassinets, changing tables, cribs that meet safety standards
Bicycles must have a kickstand or training wheels that are attached
Attach any accompanying small parts in Ziploc bag securely
Car booster seats only


We accept children's clothing up to a girls junior size and boys size 20
Children's shoes only - no ADULT-STYLED shoes please. We will accept some adult sizes as long as they are age appropriate
Costumes accepted
All seasons accepted
We will not accept maternity clothing

10. Please read the following information necessary to participate in the sale

Make sure that items are tagged securely.
We are not responsible for unsold goods due to lost tags.
All prices need to be in $1 increments only (for example: $1 or $2, but not $1.50)
Price competitively-would you pay that amount for the item? A good rule of thumb is 1/3 of the new price for best condition, 1/4 of the new price for fair condition.
Saturday is 50% Reduction Day. You can choose if you want your items reduced. We strongly encoura

Information tagging, hanging, and packaging items.  Remember to have all items entered in the system before dropping them off.

  • Please remember to print tags on white cardstock
  • Hang items with the hanger looking like a question mark
  • Pin tags to the right of the clothing (you may pin using one horizontally or two vertically)
  • Small items in ziploc bags (shoes, small toys, small sets, etc.)
  • Clothing sets sell really well
  • Remember to price items at a fair value....would you pay this amount for the item?
  • Reducing items for Saturday will increase your sales
  • Do not hang pants over the hanger, please pin on the hanger
  • You may use wire or plastic hangers


Drop Off/Pick-Up

Your items will be inspected at the check-in table and anything that is unacceptable will be returned to you. Please remember we want the best quality at our sale.
Once you have registered for the sale, you will receive an email indicating your pick-up date and time.

King’s Closet is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items.